Thursday, July 08, 2004


Stopped in at the Turner's Outdoorsman in Pasadena for a little bit to browse for .44 Special ammo. They had PMC 240gr LSWC for sale, but no price ticket on the edge of the table. (Guess it must've been free...)

Since I'm also interested in getting a S&W Model 25 in .45ACP at some point, I looked at prices for ammo--quite a bit less than .44 Magnum/Special, hmmph. I'm not ready to start reloading (yet another all-consuming hobby to begin in my copius free time...)

Anyhow, right above the bottom shelf of consignment guns was an Armscor .45 for $400. Dang, show me that one! Nice full-size .45, 8 + 1, extended slide stop, ambidextrous safety, half-cock capability, probably their M1911-A1-45 FSB.

I've started checking around for reports on the gun, and will post an update on what I find.

Update: I found an extended thread on Armscor and Charles Daly 1911s on rec.guns. Armscor makes Armscor, Charles Daly and Rock Island guns. The thread was more or less evenly divided vis a vis the construction quality and functioning: "They're crap, don't bother" versus "Good value for the money".

Well...huh. Something to keep in mind.

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