Tuesday, October 05, 2004

LA County Gunstores: Santa Fe Gun Galeria, Palmdale

Someday, when I win the lottery, I'll be able to buy any gun I want to. Until then, I like to look. Now, new guns are new guns, anywhere you go. But for old guns and those that are out of production, you have to go where they are.

Santa Fe Gun Galeria is a small gun store in Palmdale, at Sierra Highway and Avenue P. That intersection is an L-shaped strip mall, with a liquor store on the short leg and Gun Galeria on the long leg.

The store is split lengthways by display cabinets down the middle, creating two long aisles on either side. The left side as you go in is the pawnshop side; lever-action rifles are kept on pegs on the wall.

All the way at the back is a display cabinet with used handguns--two S&W Model 41 .22 target pistols, some Browning Buckmarks, some Colt Woodsmans. More handguns are on display as you follow the aisle around to your right--double-action Colt revolvers in .45 LC, a S&W in .44 Schoenfield, small foreign pre-WWII automatics.

The guy behind the counter was working on a rifle when I went in, while a customer barraged him with questions about which handgun was safer or better or more powerful--finally he sent the guy away with a copy of the DoJ gun safety booklet to read.

Rifles and shotguns were out on the store floor to look at, something I haven't seen in a while. I glanced over some .22 rifles, a .303 Enfield.

In a display cabinet all the way down front was a little three-drawer chest. The bottom drawer was pulled out, showing a cased black powder pistol. The two drawers above that had hand-lettered signs on them: "Bicentennial SAA" and "Bicentennial Python". No prices listed--I didn't bother asking.

I did ask to look at the Model 41 ciraca '58-'62, with a 7-1/2" barrel. LA Guns has one for almost a thousand dollars--this one was only $600. I didn't buy it, 'cause I've already blown my budget for guns for this year. But I'll start saving my nickels and dimes and twenties and fifties!

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