Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mini-14 Range Report

What a boring day at the range.

I recently took possession of a Ruger Mini-14 (series 182, made in 1981). After field-stripping and cleaning it (and figuring out how to put the pieces back together), I took it out to the range.

Based on what I've read about the Mini-14, I had no expectations of great accuracy and did not ever hit the steel plate I was aiming at. No, what I was doing was teaching myself the basics of how this rifle operates, shoots and feels. Plus, I checked out the magazines (one factory 5-round and three aftermarket 10-round magazines).

All semiauto rifles have the capability of having a slamfire, so I loaded one round into the factory magazine, inserted the magazine, released the slide, took the safety off, aimed, squeezed the trigger, bang.

Next, I loaded two rounds into the factory magazine, inserted the magazine, released the slide, et cetera, bang, bang.

Next, I loaded one round into the first 10-round magazine, inserted the magazine, et cetera, bang.

Then two rounds into magazine 10-1, bang, bang. And repeat with the other two magazines (10-2 and 10-3).

After all that, they can still call me "Ten Finger Bruce", because nothing blew up. Which is the way I like it.

So the rifle works just fine. It feels okay in my hands (way better than the SKS!), but my God that op-rod wiggles around in the stock.

For my next trick, I shall attempt to shoot accurately. For this I will needs more ammo in various weights (50-70 grains? hmm...) and a muzzle weight.

Not a muzzle brake, just a simple two-piece 9/16" shaft collar that I can move around until I find the sweet spot on the barrel. I told you I'd been reading about this stuff (Mini-14 Talk)

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