Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm in the money...

So. One of my household chores is the recycling. Mostly this entails packing up the cardboard of various sizes, the plastics (sorted by type) and miscellaneous (magazines, old phone books, tin cans, what not).

But then there's the cash recyclables, the ones that California requires retailers to charge on such items as bottles of water and soft drink cans. When I bag those up and finally get around to running them through a self-serve machine, that's a couple of bucks at a time for my fun fund.

It was my SKS fund, then it was my gun fund, now it's my fun fund. I'm finally starting to get it through my head that owning and shooting guns is an expensive hobby, and I can't afford to do that based on what I can find in my jeans pocket at any given moment.


Plus, Appleseed shoots cost money--$70 per weekend, I think. If I don't save up for these purchases and activities, I'll never get beyond what I have, where I am.

So, after responsibly saving the recycling money for, um, a month, I think, I've got $21. Yay me. It's a start.

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