Sunday, January 03, 2010

I Want to Write

A story about a catastrophe in the greater San Fernando valley.


A small (tiny) asteroid or a large meteorite smacks one of the north faces of the valley. Depending on where it hits, there might be flood or fire, definitely earthquake. Hmm--so building / infrastructure damage. Communication?

It will intefere with traffic (freeway damage? destruction?), tie up the 5 / 210 / 405 consolidation.

LAPD, LASO, CHP--California National Guard? Governor (not Arnold!) declares disaster after touring the area (by helicopter? Humvee?), then governor vanishes from story. Mayor attempts to seize spotlight--worthless promises, touring the area, muscling in.

Militia rises, asserts itself--local emergency response clubs...Hmm...Some become leaders, some become food agents, some lead the way out of the area...Hmm.

So. "The Great San Fernando Valley Disaster"? Maybe.

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