Monday, February 23, 2009

What's My Question?

California requires a 10-day wait before taking possession of a purchased firearm (handgun, rifle, shotgun). During the waiting period, the California Department of Justice runs a background check to determine if the purchaser is a restricted person not permitted to own a firearm.

What I'd like to know is for any given period of time (a month, several months, a year or several years in a row) how many restricted persons were identified as such.

And at what point during the waiting period--was it the first day, the second, the third, et cetera. What's their backlog like during that period--is the DoJ waiting and waiting and waiting for someone to clear and that person finally clears on the tenth day? Or is the DoJ processing all requests within 24 hours?

How does that compare historically? That is, is the DoJ identifying restricted persons more quickly than before?

Have any of the purchased firearms then been used in a "crime of passion" more or less immediately after purchase? Say, within two weeks? (Which I guess would make it pre-meditated, rather than a crime of passion...)

How do California's murder by firearm rates compare to our neighbor states of Arizona, Nevada and Oregon? That is, how often is a legally-purchased gun used by its owner in a murder? (Legitimate self-defense usage disallowed.)


What question am I trying to formulate to ask CA DoJ?

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