Saturday, December 18, 2004

Guns: New Toy, Part II

Today I cleaned my SKS. When I picked it up from Turner's, it was lightly, but still liberally, coated in cosmoline. I unwrapped the plastic around it and gingerly inspected it.

Then I took it apart: magazine, trigger assembly, receiver and barrel, stock. And there it lay for a couple of weeks, until I could clean all that cosmoline off it.

I used most of one can of non-chlorinated brake cleaner to dissolve the cosmoline on the metal parts, and a quick soak and scrub in the tub with hot water and Simple Green to clean the stock. And a foaming bore cleaner followed by a bore snake on the barrel.

After carefully drying everything, oiling the appropriate parts, I began to put it all back together: receiver and barrel into the stock, magazine into stock and receiver, trigger assembly into stock (press that assembly catch out of the way!), bayonet, buttplate and new butt pad.

Then the bolt and bolt carrier (ah, the gentle rattle of the firing pin!), the (oof!) recoil spring and finally the receiver cover.

Hey, look at me--I've got a new gun!

Part III, the range report, tomorrow.

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