Sunday, October 03, 2004

LA County Gunstores

Los Angeles county is pretty big, and it's got quite a few gun stores. I've pulled a list together from on-line yellow pages and I'm going to try to visit all of them.

Not to be dismissive of any business, but a Turner's is a Turner's. I go to the one in Reseda and the one in Pasadena, and I'll get around to the others in LA county eventually, but unless I find something fantastic on consignment, I won't have much to say about them.

I've been to LA Guns, in West Hollywood. It's a nice little showroom of a store, upstairs on the third floor, behind two security doors (*bzz!*). I've bought some shooting supplies there, but no guns.

I've been to King's Gunworks, in Glendale, on Glenoaks Boulevard. The store has been in that location for quite some time, looks it, feels it. Again, bought some supplies there, but no guns.

Gun World and Stevenson Gun Country, both in Burbank, on Magnolia Boulevard. Bought a box of ammo one time at Stevenson's. Browsing at Gun World is a treat, because of the glass-fronted cabinets in the back room they keep their handguns in--it just looks nice--but their prices seem high to me.

I know that Greta's Guns in Simi Valley is over the county line into Ventura, but I'm not sure about Bullseye Sporting Arms. I went to Bullseye because of a brief passion for double rifles (think African big game), but I was disappointed in the "store". It was a totally anonymous store front (no name, no ads, no nothing) in a non-descript business park in Simi Valley.

Strictly speaking, there was no store inside, just a front desk manned by the owner, and a back room area that felt more like a basement game room, with lots of expensive ($5K and up!) shotguns laying around. Maybe someday, if I win the lottery...

I had some time today and went off to Antelope Valley to check on gun stores up there. Because it was Sunday, three of the five I checked on were closed, the fourth looked like it was out of business, and the fifth was a residential address. Hmmph.

But now I know where those three are and can go visit them this week.

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