Friday, October 01, 2004

Range Report: Armscor 1911 EFS

EFS? Hell if I know.

Anyhow, this is a basic 1911, made in the Phillipines. It has an ambidexterous safety and an extended slide release. Magazine holds 8 rounds of fat .45 ACP.

Its first outing was the same windy day at Angeles Range as the Taurus 94. Didn't go quite as well as the Taurus--several failures to feed, one jam that had to be cleared by the RO with a borrowed pen (poke poke poke down the barrel, finally fell out--how embarrassing).

But tonight, I went to a range in the neighborhood, Gun World. Put another 50 rounds through the gun, only had a few FTF, no jams.

Shooting the gun is significantly different than my other guns (all revolvers). There's more going on immediately after each shot (the slide slams back, slams forward into battery), the empty brass is ejected high to the right, and the gun itself twists in my hand. Weird.

But dang, the holes it makes in the target! So much easier to see at any distance, especially with my eyes.

And I went ahead and bought a one-year membership at the range--unlimited range time and $5 gun rentals (with their ammo, natch)--$130.

I guess I'm going back tomorrow. Wow. I gotta buy more ammo.

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